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“Gross Bathrooms!”

Ah, the bathroom a sort of sanctuary some may say or others may say it’s freaking disgusting. What is up my dudes and dudettes it’s your guy Marcus Peinado here with another story on SMHS and this one really stinks … literally. The last 4 years I’ve been here I have noticed one crucial thing… WE NEED NEW BATHROOMS!! Now i’m not trash talking our maintenance crew cause they already do so much for this school ( shout out to our maintenance crew!) but what I’m wondering is why haven’t we gotten an upgrade on our school bathrooms? So I decided to go out onto the campus of SMHS and take a poll and interview of a few students, here’s what they had to say. Vincent Sanchez and Justin Rilveria were two male students that i interviewed and their opinions were as i expected. Now Vincent believed that our bathrooms should be improved and tidied up a bit. Justin tries to avoid our school bathrooms as much as possible which in my opinion is totally okay. “ We should take that next step to make these bathrooms a clean environment.” Now i also got a perspective from a female student at SM her name is Victoria Vega. Victoria said “ To be completely honest with you I feel they lack privacy in the stalls…” this is how many of our students at school feel no privacy when they are using the bathrooms that needs to change. She also explained how some stall doors don’t even have locks on them and that some girls have even been walked in on while using the bathrooms. Now the gaps are not just in the girls bathrooms they are also in the boys bathrooms as well. Personally i feel the same way that’s why I don’t like using our stalls at all.  The gaps in the door need to be taken care of by using like strips or something to keep some privacy. Victoria believes that it isn’t just up to maintenance to keep our bathrooms clean but it is also up to our students to do their part as well and help keep our bathrooms clean any ways possible. Now I also took a poll on keeping our old bathrooms or remodeling them and here are the results.     


Keeping bathrooms as is – 0


New bathrooms – 4


Remodeling the bathrooms – 39


I also discovered that the worst  bathroom on campus is the boys locker room bathroom. It’s stalls are disgusting with no doors at all on some of the stalls leaving for no privacy for anyone who would actually dare to use the toilets in the stall at all. The toilets within the stall have a strange orangish substance with in them and it’s really disgusting. Also there’s a smell that comes from the bathroom sometimes that is so bad that it’s enough to make you gag and almost throw up. Now those metal toilets and urinals are from when my parents were there their freshmen year its time for a remodel honestly. Plus on the floor there is always a puddle of water that just sits there either becoming smaller or flooding the bathroom floor.  So saints if you want change at SM then be that change and speak up, till then this Marcus Peinado writing off.