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The Weary Months of April and May


As June draws closer, signaling the end of yet another school year, students have one final task to complete: testing.  April and May are infamous months in a student’s life, as April signifies the upcoming dates for AP testing, and May is filled with review for the eventual final exam students will take.  Naturally, these events can create an overwhelming feeling of stress, especially for students who are hoping to attend college after high school.  There is so much pressure placed upon students to do well on these exams, not only to have good grades for the year, but also when transcripts and tests are sent off to various universities.  Even so, these exams are not as daunting as they may seem.  Although students are pushed to do well, especially on AP exams, they should not overestimate these exams.  While universities may be wowed by 5’s or 4’s, the simple fact that students decided to take these exams is enough to show universities that they are dedicated to obtaining a greater education outside of high school.  Even the most amazing transcript in the world is not always what defines a student.  Things like letters of recommendation, personal insight questions, and various experiences outside of school all have a great impact upon an application.  With this in mind, students should rest a bit easier knowing that their chances of getting into the university of their dreams is still within reach, as they have many ways to impress a university without an eye-catching GPA or AP exam score.