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A Day Without Immigrants

“A Day without Immigrants” occurred on February 16, 2017 where immigrants, or other people who joined to support, did not attend school or work or any other cause. The boycott comes in response to President Donald Trump’s administration. Trump had pledged to increase deportation of immigrants living in the country illegally. All who participated on “A Day Without Immigrants” were not to show themselves to the world, wanting to prove a point for how things could look like and change without them. Also, it includes not going out to buy groceries, fill up on gas, etc. Rules were rules to not go out. Many schools had a decrease of attendance for this day and owners of businesses came in response by closing their businesses for that specific day to mainly support everyone and including their workers. But for others, protests occurred on the streets with signs to accept immigrants, who make this country great.

Social media spread the boycott and it had caught the attention of local high school students motivated to participate. Here at Santa Maria High School, many had participated for the boycott and the outcome had resulted with at least 22% percent of the students being absent, when usually the absent rate is 5%. To give an example, every classroom had at least 7-15 students who had shown up to school. The financial impact for Santa Maria High was risen to $100,000. It was a surprising day for the school, having the boycott being landed on a Thursday, but the students had the right to protest to stay home with their loved ones for the day.

It was an eye-opening day for others to realize how this country and even the world could be without immigrants. Making a change to the schools, workplaces etc. It was neither right or wrong to support the cause. Many had chosen to be invisible for this day and many decided to continue with their work or education. Those who attended, nothing bad about to miss out on education. Those who didn’t, nothing bad about that either to have a reason to support the cause for themselves, for friends, or for family. This day will hopefully have a remembrance throughout history and possibly could create a new boycott if needed.