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The Dark Side Reawakens

Attention Star Wars fans grab your light sabers and blasters because George Lucas has done it again!!

Star Wars the Force Awakens also to be known as ” Star Wars episode 7″ has finally been confirmed if you didn’t know already( but honestly who doesn’t know that). George Lucas creator of the greatest movie series ever Star Wars has returned with Disney to make the new movie, in my opinion at first i was skeptical about it with Disney being involved but after seeing several teasers and trailers, but I’ve now come to the realize that this movie may very well be one of the best. (the original three will always be better though nothing can be original)Personally I have been waiting for this movie since 6th grade when an old friend told me about I was extremely hopeful but was starting to lose confidence in it… until only one year ago when the rumor began again and it was proven to be real. If you are a huge Star wars fan like myself then you need to get tickets now because they are being bought all over, the Today Show stated that after the tickets were out and ready to be sold fandango crashed because 0f so many people trying to get the tickets, luckily I already got mine. Also the newest trailer was released and honestly it made me act like a kid hopped up on Mt.Dew, the movie will be released on December 17 for those who already bought their tickets and December 18 is the actual day it is supposed to be for those who didn’t pre-order their tickets. The Star Wars video game ( Star Wars: Battlefront) will be released this november on the 17th, if you pre-order now you can receive a double sided poster along with two brand new planets and Han Solos blaster within the game. A new trailer was also released (if you haven’t seen it already) and it shows just how epic this movie is going to be. So may the force be with you Jedi and Siths and hope to see you there i do. ( read that in Yodas voice)