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Movie Review: Ant-Man

Aant mannt-Man is one of Marvel’s latest films to hit theaters, surprising many comic-book fans. I, not an avid reader of super hero comics, was curious about this movie. I’ll try to keep this review as spoiler-free as possible as I feel this movie will please many super hero fans and even those slightly interested. This movie can be described as a “Unexpected hero” flick. the main protagonist, Scott Lang, wants to do everything he can to win back his family. His wife left him and took custody of the daughter, leaving him to a life of theft along side three friends. One of Scott’s friends hears of a locked safe in an old man’s house, they take the chance to see what fortune awaits them. With many twists and surprises, this leads Scott to become the Ant-Man. Allowing him super strength while shrunken.

For one thing, I feel this movie is cliched. The underdog superhero, The troubled master, and a very whinny villain. The comedy can get in the way of the story in some places, but it’s great when it gets it. The story as a whole can be predictable once you get an understanding of the story, which can be the first half hour, but it sprinkles some unique creativity in the mix to make sure it’s dynamic. The visual effects are amazing and portray Ant-Man’s power very realistically. The fight scenes are definitely the highlight of the movie; they make good use of Ant-Man’s power, especially when he fights against a certain Avenger. Overall, I’d rate this movie a 7/10.